change management validity tools

1.n addition to knowing how to measure the effectiveness of a needed change, you must prepare for all the reasons that a project can fail.

Discuss change management validity tools for a chosen organization. How could you apply analytical frameworks to illustrate possible project outcomes?

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Hello all,

Change management validity tools for my current organization, are very simple. For my organization when it comes to any validation that is needed we contact a team that is ran by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). The OIG then comes in and reviews everything within our department, writes a report providing what changes they recommend. This inspection would provide all the tools and components needed to ensure that if we are going to make any changes, what is the best route to take to make them and what is going to be needed to accomplish this. They will also provide a timeline when this should be completed. I have found that this inspection and tool make everything easier for my organization, because we get a team of outsiders to provide the feedback without any basis information allowing for any change recommendation to be honest for both the employee’s and the organization. The OIG will also provide proper analytical framework to ensure that everything is completed without any issue and is achievable within the time frame they proivded.

3.Rely to the following classmates.


18 hours ago, at 2:47 PM


In my current organization we have made validation a very integral component of the process. To gather validation we have employed the use of independent test teams that each focus on one component of the overall system. They work as a group of beta testers, making an effort to process a wide range of scenarios through the system. These teams are chosen based on being specialists in the use of the specified system component. These specialist users are the most likely to have the best feel for what the capabilities of the system must be and would likely conceive the widest spectrum of scenario possibilities, testing the depth of the component capability. The results of this “beta testing” is then reported through a team leader to the other respective team leaders in the venue of a overall project meeting where any shortcomings can be identified. The thought process is that all individual components must function flawlessly independently. Once that has been achieved, the focus shifts to integration of all components to achieve that same result for the overall system. This has been very successful so far and allows the overall project to progress steadily without sacrificing functionality.

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