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Case Study

Janet is a 27 year old woman living in a small town in Oklahoma. She is married to the sheriff’s son, Davis, and they have been together since they started dating as high school sweethearts. Davis works for the Sherrif’s Office, managing their training of new deputies. Janet never went to college and chose to stay home as a house wife, as she knew that was Davis’ preference. She loves being able to provide a clean, happy home environment for Davis and has a home cooked meal ready for him every evening when he arrives home. Janet also has Type 1 diabetes and feels that Davis is taking care of her by taking the stress away of her having to work as well as manage her health needs.

One day, Janet’s mom is in a minor traffic accident that results in an overnight stay in a hospital 2 hours away. Janet’s mom’s injuries are minor and she is expected to be discharged the next day; Janet decides to stay overnight in the hospital with her mom so she is not lonely. Davis expresses anger when Janet calls him to tell him she will not be home to make dinner or be at their home in the evening. When Janet arrives back to their house the next day, she finds their locks changed and a suitcase on the front porch with a few of her belongings. When she calls Davis, he explains that he is tired of her selfish behavior and that he is filing for divorce. He also states that he has been having an affair with the secretary at the Sheriff’s office and she is moving into his house. Since Janet is not on the deed to the home, he states that she cannot enter the premises without being arrested for breaking and entering.

Janet is heartbroken and embarrassed. In addition to having no income of her own and needing a place to stay, she realizes all of her diabetes management supplies are still in the home. She quickly calls a lawyer in the next town to set up a consultation for the following week, but she is worried she will not be able to get legal proceedings to move fast enough to retrieve her supplies from the home before the extra supplies she had packed for her overnight stay run out. She knows her mother cannot loan her enough money to buy the supplies at retail cost. She contemplates quickly breaking a window into the bathroom to retrieve her supplies before Davis gets home from work. What should Janet do?


Write at least a one page paper (regular margins and font, not including header and footer) choosing Janet’s next steps based on one of the stages of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Reasoning. There is no right answer in this case study and I am more concerned with you connecting your response to the reading in section 8.4 on Kohlberg’s Theory. Fully explain which of the 6 stages of moral reasoning your answer represents and why it fits into that stage.


Journal Entry

Prejudice and preconceived views are embedded into us as children. We receive these views from media, our community, religion, adults in our different activities, and families of origins. Some of these views of how those individuals who are from a different walk of life, society, class, religion, race, or gender are based on facts, while others on prejudices and bias.

Discuss a preconceived view that you held as a child that was challenged later in life. If you have a viewpoint that was challenged or proved incorrect by your work in healthcare, that would be a very relevant answer to share. You may also share about an individual you knew as a child (whether another child or an adult) who still holds a view that you yourself now consider to be a prejudiced and an incorrect viewpoint.

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