business message 1

Q1. To fulfill the assignment, carefully consider your purpose and audience for each message. Put yourself in the place of the reader to help decide your approach and the best way to inform and influence the reader. Use the suggestions in the chapters we have covered so far to prepare the most effective documents.

Follow the specific instructions provided for each type of message required. Individually, you will create the necessary details to complete the message.

  1. Routine/Positive Message – Podcast Script

You are an intern for Wilmington University. The upcoming semester/block will begin soon. You’ve been asked to create a podcast that will announce to all current students items they should be aware of for the upcoming semester/block. Think about your audience, especially those students just starting at WilmU and write a podcast script for the Wilmu website that students will be interested in listening to. Remember to include any deadlines or dates that might be important.

  1. Negative Message – Employee Feedback

For this bad news message, I want you to use the components of Bad News Messages as described in Chapter 11 and discussed in class.

Case Study:

You are the manager for Macy’s Department Store and you manage 25 part-time employees. Many are retired individuals who are working to supplement their social security payments. It is difficult sometimes to hire and keep part-time employees because the pay is minimum wage and the hours you need people— change. Retirees have been very useful because they are always available and usually good work ethic. Sara Smith is 66 years old, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and is working for you. She has shown up on time, works hard, and is very friendly. These qualities are great but upper management has complained to you about Sara. She is slow, they have seen her talk on her cell phone frequently, and she spends too much time talking to customers so other customers get frustrated when they need questions answered or to check out their items. You must tell Sara that she needs to be faster in her work, to limit her phone calls and to quit talking so much to the customers.

  • Write what you want to say to Sara when you meet with her face to face along with a follow up plan to improve communication between the two of you
  • Read the components carefully to make sure you cover all the points
  • Write out how you will begin the negative review; how will you encourage Sara to be a better employee
  • Make sure to be professional
  1. Persuasive Message – Email

There are two parts to the assignment:

  1. Write a persuasive email message to college students (select one of the topics provided below)
  2. Write a separate document:
    • Describe the students you are targeting
    • Reasons for resistance to your message among these students
    • How your message appeals to this group
    • Mix of communication channels you’ll use to distribute the message

Option 1: Joining a student organization, club or university sports team

Select an organization club or school sport’s team (you may make one up if you would like) and write a message encouraging students to join. Describe the benefits of membership and specific steps for joining or learning more about the group.

Option 2: Joining a credit union

Write a message that targets university students and promotes joining a local credit union. Go online and find comparisons of benefits between credit unions and banks. It’s easy to find plenty of information in just 20 to 30 minutes.

  • You may create one Word document with all three messages include

Q2. Find an example of a business plan on the Internet. Review your selected plan and let the class know which plan you assessed. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the plan? How does this style of writing and formatting differ from other types of writing? Please write each question separately. 1-2 sentence is fine for each question.

Q3. What to Do:

Select a company that does not currently have an international presence for any of their products offered today. Here’s a link to Forbes’ The Best Small Companies of 2019 to help you out:

We already choose Panera bread for Dubai (All you have to do country analysis) nothing else

Pressure has come from the CEO to increase the availability of the product to foreign countries at an economy price.

Your group is expected to assess the extent that the company can meet the demand necessary for profitability in a chosen country (you select the country (dubai) for company to expand into) over the next year and provide sound rationale behind your group’s final decision. Consumer and business dynamics in the marketplace (competition, segments, social customs, class structures, politics, religion, family life, etc.) company limitations (business operations), and the factors influencing potential profit (i.e. shipping, distribution, taxes, etc.) must also be considered.

The management team is placing the responsibility on your group to determine a recommendation for their consideration. They are not looking for a group that just assumes that they want expansion and develop a plan accordingly, but they are looking for the team to provide honest feedback and notify them if expansion is not warranted providing that the rationale and research supporting why is depicted.

The project consists of two major parts:

Business Proposal Wiki and final team presentation (in class)

  • You will work in a team to develop an international business proposal and produce a thoroughly researched, well written wiki that also contains short video presentations on each page of the Wiki to summarize information for the audience.

Each page of the Wiki will be fully researched using reliable and valid resources (e.g. peer reviewed articles, valid websites, actual company information, etc.). Sections/pages will include:

  • Home Page (contains links to subsequent pages)
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Overview
    • Description
    • History
    • Vision/Mission statement
  • Country Analysis (All you have to do this part)
    • Culture
    • Geography
    • People/Population
    • Currency
    • Economy
  • Business Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Staffing
    • Current Operational model
  • Recommendations/Proposal
    • Expansion Strategy
    • Marketing Plan
    • Financial plan
    • Operational plan
  • Summary/conclusion
  • Reference page (must be in APA format)
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