build a survey in qualtrics

Heinz Field has announced that starting with the 20 20 season, they will create a student – only seating section where ticket prices will be half price of regular ticket price s (subject to verification with valid student I.D . upon entering the stadium ). The student – only seating section will also have its own dedicated food and beverage concessions. In order to decide what type of food concessions should be in the student – only seating section, Heinz Field has hired you to build a Qualtrics survey, collect data from a sample of the population and prepare a report that contains recommendations based on the survey results.


ï‚· The survey must contain an introduction statement .

ï‚· Since the section will be a student – only section, you need to check student status of each respondent . I f the respondent is not a student , you should not allow that respondent to continue the survey (i.e., screen out) . All respondents must be screened .

ï‚· The survey must contain 4 questions related to respondent demographics.

 The survey m ust contain a question that checks how often respondents go to sporting events. Those who answer “rarely” or “never” should be shown an additional question asking why they do not go to sporting events.

ï‚· The survey must contain at least 3 questions about the food respondents would like to eat at sporting events. These questions can be about the type of food, portion sizes, packaging, condiment selection, cuisines and how much money respondents are willing to spend on food.

ï‚· The survey must contain a free – text question asking respondents when they would prefer to eat during the sporting events . Their response should be limited to 50 characters.

ï‚· The survey must contain at least 1 skip and 1 display logic.

ï‚· The survey must be distribute d and co mpleted by at least 8 respondents that are not screened out due to their student status .


ï‚· A MS Word file of your survey design exported from Qualtrics ,

ï‚· A PDF of your results report downloaded from Qualtrics ,

ï‚· A MS Excel file (or csv file) with the raw survey results downloaded from Qualtrics,

ï‚· A MS Word file containing a report that explains your Qualtrics survey administration (including the population, sampling strategy and characteristics of the sample chosen) and findings of the survey. The report should also make suggestions (derived from the survey findings) on the type of food concessions Heinz Field should feature in the student – only seating section. The report should be at least 300 words.

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