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Get blog ideas from recently occurred or ongoing news, events, crises.

Think about the role, influence, and/or impact of public relations, strategic communication, or communication management on the development and outcome of these incidents, events, or crises. Then, reflect on how certain concepts, framework, theories, or models of public relations practice can be used to explain the development and outcome of these incidents, events, or crises.

** The key purpose of this blogging exercise is to demonstrate that you can connect the theoretical framework with real-world practice and reflect on the relationship.

some questions to help you think about this linkage:

§ What is the role/influence of public relations on this particular incident or event?

§ Which theory or model can be applied here to explain what happened in terms of communication practice?

-What went wrong based on the theory or model?

How did the actual public relations/communication practice mirror or reflect the chosen theory or model?

How did the actual public relations/communication practice deviate from the chosen theory or model? §

How adequate or inadequate is the chosen theory or model to explain the development or outcomes of this particular incident? § What are the limits of the chosen theory or model?

§ What gap(s)/bridge between theory and practice have you seen in this particular incident? § How could public relations/communication be conducted or carried out differently to ensure a more desirable outcome?

§ In what ways could the public relations practices used in this incident be improved?

D. In 3 paragraphs (minimum) or more (there is no maximum),

provide the following content: •

A summary of the news, incident, or crisis (cite and hyperlink a link to the news or incident).

• Give your reflections on the practice of public relations in this particular incident or news. Use the questions listed under “C” as a guide.

• Make sure that you integrate our class readings (e.g., concepts, theories, research findings, assumptions, etc.) into your reflections. This connection needs to be made clear in your writing by citations in text and at the end.

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