bbq grill cleaning business

As stated in the attachments, could you please talk about how the company will: Attract new customers –
Retain existing customers –
Branding objectives –
Marketing and corporate objectives –
Also, in regards to media, I would like to touch on the following: Listed here are the typical options available that form the communications strategy mix – marketers must think about how they need to match competitors or provide novelty, each strategy requires a specific objective, a media strategy, a media plan, and a budget, these are described more fully below:
(NOTE: To elaborate further on the Communications Strategy Section there are numerous options; marketers should consider a mix of the following depending on the problem being addressed – you may wish to provide additional strategies that you feel are more relevant.)
Each communications strategy (e.g. a traditional media campaign involving a print ad in a magazine) requires:
• Specific Objective
• Media strategy: Big idea, Message, Copy, Visuals
• Media Plan: Reach and Frequency
• Budget: How much will this cost?

Traditional Media (This is the second I want to also focus on, but please answer the bullets listed above in the responses: A paid for, mass-mediated, attempt to persuade, use to build brand identity, this is a big investment:
• Television, Print and Radio

Internet: As advertising became more expensive and the Internet grew – online communications have become a cost effective option with the added benefit of being measurable (closed-loop marketing) – this area has become highly specialized:

• Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy: Google AdWords
• Online advertising: Banners, reciprocal links
• Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram…
• Website

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