assignment 1 two kinds of possibility

Write 2 paragraphs addressing the scenario and questions that appear below:

Image that a woman has died and she’s been dead for over a week. A zombie apocalypse is taking place and she comes back to life and goes on the prowl to eat flesh and brains. She attacks Michonne and Michonne cuts off her head with a sword. The zombie watches Michonne and tries to bite her and remains alive without its body.

Is it logically possible for zombies (humans who come back to life after they’ve died) to exist? Describe how we can determine if something is logically possible.

Is it physically possible for this zombie (humans who come back to life after they’ve died) to exist and survive her encounter with Michonne? Describe how we can determine if something is physically possible.

A Note on Writing Assignments in this Class:

The ultimate purpose of every writing submission is to clearly and correctly explain and apply philosophical material in your own words. When writing your responses, imagine that the reader is not in the class and is entirely unfamiliar with the material. If the only introduction to the topic she has was your paper, would it give her proper understanding of the issues? It is imperative that your submissions are in your own words, using sentences that you could use in conversation. Using someone else’s words, or making slight changes to words from the text or another source, do not prove that you understand this material, so explaining things yourselfis vital. Submissions will be evaluated using plagiarism detection software.

Begin writing your answer in this document (but use double-spacing) and save the file in .docx format. When you are ready to turn in your work, press ‘Upload’ in the appropriate area for this assignment. Each assignment is worth 30 points. Your response should begin just below this paragraph.

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