artist video project 1

Artist Video Project

Artist Project Presentation: Research and get in the shoes of an artist

Pick an artist you are interested in from any time period, working in any medium, except Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Bob Ross, Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali. (Sorry these artists are too familiar. I want you to find an artist you don’t know much about). Take a chance on a film director or a sculptor or ceramicist. Research that artist and address ALL of these prompts:

  • the history of their life,
  • events happening at the time they live or lived and were working,
  • other art movements happening at the same time they were working,
  • their theories on art,
  • what if any art movement they belong or belonged to,
  • a summary of their body of work- did they pioneer a new direction in their medium,
  • what were the main elements and principles of design they tend or tended to use,
  • what of the 6 functions does their art employ,
  • what art criticism have they received (which of the theories are applied to their work) and do you agree or disagree with that assessment, does the artist?

You’ll have to read not only about the artist, but articles written about their work (from art magazines for example, books written) and research the time period in which they were working.Remember to cite resources correctly and use your own words.

Your notes (expanded upon) and thoughts for the presentation should be written clearly. (FYI to be sure you have enough information prepared for the oral presentation you will record. 500-600 words is the approximate equivalent of a 5-6 minute speech), create a powerpoint (or equivalent) presentation (include key points, images of work, the artist, other work going on at that time) and present it to the class. Plan on approximately a 5-10 minute presentation. Write a script for your presentation. Then you will record it and upload it to Youtube. (Instructions below). You will share the link with us to this discussion assignment (instructions below) for us all to view it. View classmates videos so you can learn about even more artists. Respond to 2 other presentations within 1 day of the due date.

Extra Credit: If you dress as the artist and give us a little insight into their personality or persona you will receive 10 extra points 🙂

Download Screen-Cast-O-Matic to your machine. It’s Free.Click on the free recorder after you open it.You can record yourself, your screen or both.Write a script to follow and have pictures of what you are presenting open a head of time.You can pause the recording to take a break, close a picture, open another one etc.Then you can download your video to Youtube and share the link with us to this discussion assignment. It will be fun to hear your voices and if you choose see your faces.

Video on Screen-Cast-O-Matic (note at end I mention Blackboard, it was before we used Canvas. Ignore the Blackboard part.)Screen-Cast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.)art

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