article essay about global study betweem marxism and liberalsim

This paper should be between 1250 and 1500 words, and submitted double-spaced, in 12-point font, with each page numbered. The pages should be stapled together and compiled in this order: A. Please fill in the cover page included below and put it as your first page. B. As the second page, please include a copy of the rubric, with check marks in the boxes that you think reflect the quality of your work. You may include comments to explain your reasoning. This will help section leaders and me to understand if there have been issues with the clarity of the assignment and expectations. C. Your completed paper.

You are not expected to do any outside research or reading, but you can cite arguments, ideas, and examples from lecture and optional, recommended readings. References to material from readings or lecture and any short direct quotations must be properly cited. All work, wording, and ideas that are not cited must be your own. You may choose any one of the following citation formats: APA, MLA, or either Chicago style, but please use it consistently. Information on these formats is available here: If you are using in-text citations, then you must provide a bibliography at the end listing the sources you have cited. Prompts and Structure Please choose one of the two prompts below. You should provide an introductory paragraph about your chosen topic, present a thesis statement, and then write several paragraphs providing examples and elaborating on these to support your thesis. You should then have one or two concluding paragraphs restating your argument and making a case for its significance.

Prompt 2. Ideologies are formulated to organize not just political and social life, but also economic systems. Liberalism and Marxism each advanced ideas about how the economy should be organized in an ideal society, what types of economic freedoms people should have, and what the roles of different individuals or classes might be. Compare and contrast the liberal and Marxist positions, then choose one of the two and discuss the potential flaws or downsides in its economic vision. Formulate an argument and support it using examples, from readings and lecture, of authors’ arguments and real-world cases.

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