argumentative research essay about vaccination


Throughout the course of the semester, you have been learning how to respond to, analyze, and research arguments. In this project, you will use all of these skills in order to compose an argumentative research essay.

Assignment Instructions

1. You should start by using one of the sources you collected for the annotated bibliography as a jumping off point. That is, use the author’s claim to articulate your own. Do you disagree with the author? If so, why? What exactly does the author get wrong? Do you agree with the author? If so, what do you have to add? In what ways will your project contribute to the conversation?

2. Using the rest of the sources you collected for the annotated bibliography, write an essay that supports your claim.

3. As you write your essay, be sure that you are utilizing appropriate rhetorical appeals. That is, be aware of the reasons and evidence that your intended audience would find the most persuasive.

4. In the essay, you should address at least one counterargument. Be sure that you thoroughly and fairly summarize the opposing point of view, concede to its strengths, and adequately refute it.

Submission Instructions

The essay should be in MLA formatting (including in-text citations and a works cited page), The final draft should be (1250-1500 words).

Supporting Materials

Parts 3, 4, and 5 of Practical Argument; “OWL Purdue: Writing a Research Paper”



  • Does the essay have a thesis which states a claim?
  • Is the thesis supported using reliable and relevant evidence?
  • Does the argument rely on appropriate rhetorical appeals?
  • Does the essay address at least one counterargument?


  • Are paragraphs fully developed?
  • Do paragraphs transition logically from one to the next?

Style and Mechanics:

  • Does the essay adopt a clear and concise prose style?
  • Does the essay adhere to the RC Writing Standards and contain few, if any, grammar and punctuation errors?
  • Are direct quotations and other references from sources properly integrated into the text of the essay?


  • Does the essay adhere to MLA formatting?
  • Are all sources cited using in-text citations and a works cited page?


  • Does the essay cite at least 5-6 credible sources?
  • Are at least three of these sources from peer reviewed publications (from scholarly books or journals)?
  • Does the essay reference no more than two websites.
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