argumentative essay research paper on global warming

  • Global warming can be stopped by common efforts of all nations.
  • Rising temperatures don’t depend on the level of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Global warming is a hoax, created by a limited group of scientists.
  • We shouldn’t take any measures to solve the problem of climate change because our efforts are useless and even harmful.
  • We should search for more efficient methods of fixing the problem of global warming.
  • People should be more informed on the true threats of rising temperatures.
  • There is no sound evidence, proving that global warming is dangerous.
  • The threats of climate change are exaggerated.
  • We do too little to fight the problem of global warming.
  • Global warming isn’t man-made but it is a natural cycle of our planet.

Use the topic ideas listed above to help you. Must be written using MLA format. You may use quotations. Must include Works Cited page at the end. Remember this essay is a Research paper and Argumentative essay combined.

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