ap prospectus

The AP Project might feel a little bit more like the argumentative papers you’ve written in the past, but it’s important to remember that you’re not just making an argument about your HCP topic — rather, you’re making an argument for a solution to your HCP’s problem. Depending on your topic, it may be difficult to think of a solution that you’d like to advocate for. This prospectus will help you orient and narrow your focus.

In addition to your Audience Statement, in 500-750 words, your AP Prospectus should accomplish the following tasks. You may write in either standard paragraphs or in bullet points.

• State the problem that you surveyed in your HCP.

• Generally (and briefly) summarize the major opinions that your sources voiced about your HCP problem.

• List at least 5 possible solutions to that problem. These solutions might overlap slightly or be somewhat similar, but try to make them as distinct as possible. Feel free to even include some ridiculous, exaggerated, or polarizing solutions.

• Choose 2-3 solutions that you feel are the most reasonable and/or feasible. Explain why you feel that way.

• Of those 2-3 solutions, choose just 1 solution that you are tentatively most interested in advocating for. Explain why you chose it.

• Write a thesis statement that advocates for your position on the topic. Remember that a thesis statement should be clear, specific, supportable, and falsifiable.

• Utilizing the information we discussed on advocacy research earlier in the week, find at least 2 sources that provide information to support your argument. Try to make at least 1 be a scholarly peer-reviewed source. Explain what information they supply and how it supports your position.

should finish two assignment: 1. audience statement, 2. AP Prospectus

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