anthropology questions 20


Meet the minimum sentence requirement


Clearly answer the questions, making sure that you demonstrate how it is that you reached your conclusion

One thing I’ve noticed about how many people approach reading – they don’t actually approach it with a critical and analytical eye. Let’s practice that here. On the first page of the chapter, the authors state the “Learning Objectives.” Let’s hold the authors accountable here.

1. Match a minimum of 5 of this chapter’s learning objectives with the corresponding sections in the chapter. In other words, specifically show me where and how the authors attempt to teach you what they claim they will be teaching you. (5 sentence minimum)

2. How effective is this chapter in fulfilling the learning outcomes? Explain your answer (5 sentence minimum)

3. What did you think of this chapter’s writing style? For example, what did you think of how the definitions are presented in the chapter? (5 sentence minimum)

4. The second half of the chapter discusses science and the role of science, especially versus other ways of “knowing.” Explain the major differences between science and these other ways of “knowing.” Also, explain what makes science/the scientific method a reliable way of achieving truth versus the other way. Feel free to argue against that last statement if you don’t agree with it. (5 sentence minimum)



For full points –

Meet the minimum sentence requirement


Clearly answer the questions, making sure that you demonstrate how it is that you reached your conclusion

*All questions require a 5 sentence minimum*


1. What is meant by biological evolution? What are your thoughts on evolution? What is your personal experience in learning about evolution? For example, was it taught in your high school?


2. Summarize the “pre-Darwin” explanations on human/animal origins that your book goes over.

3. Summarize Darwin’s ideas on on the origin of species, specifically how they change through time.

4. Imagine some one came to you with a poor understanding of the concept of biological evolution. The approached you with these questions: Explain to me how humans and other apes like chimpanzees for example, are related. Did we evolve from them? If evolution is true how come chimpanzees haven’t continued to evolve to be more like us?

Please respond to these questions.


Listen to Episode #11 “Sex, Relationship, and Spirituality: A Discussion with Lauren Peters” (update note –


Each answer must be a minimum of 7 sentences.

Each answer must reflect critical/thoughtful thinking

Each answer must have supporting evidence, reason, logic – elucidated, or clearly explained.

1. Please summarize three claims that Lauren Peters makes about what she believes in. Give me one claim she makes per each 1/3 of the episode. So one claim from the beginning, one from the middle, and one from the end of the podcast.

2. What evidence does she provide, in general, throughout the podcast? What kind of evidence is it (for example, is it anecdotal, scientific, statistics, etc.)? How does she present it?

3. Do you think her evidence/reasoning is enough to justify belief in her claims? Why or why not?

4. For this question – I argue that all of her claims are beliefs that are not justified enough in order to claim that they are true. I can explain if you’d like, just come talk to me for more information. Regardless, for this question answer one of the following:
a. If you agree with me, then here is your question: Why is this stuff dangerous? Why is it potentially dangerous that so many people people follow these types of beliefs and actually follow her “teachings”? How can we educate people to be more skeptical of claims like the one Ms. Peters makes.


b. If you don’t agree with me, here is your question. Why don’t you agree?

5. Why is skeptical and critical thinking so important with any type of claims, but claims that are similar to this theme (even if you agree with Ms. Peters)? Explain your answer.

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