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Information Governance:

Q1. Chapter 3 starts with the identification and the introduction of the principles, and the characteristics of a successful Information Governance program. Identify these Principles, explain their importance, and apply them to a scenario in your workplace.

Requirement: 250 Words

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Chapter 3 – Attached.

Q2. Each week view the video lectures under Learning Activities to learn about the parts of the research paper. This week, you will learn about the Annotated Bibliography.


The topic of your annotated bibliography is your research paper topic. After completing this week’s Learning Activities, develop an annotated bibliography of at least 7 peer-reviewed references and annotations. Each annotation should include three 3 paragraphs: a summary, evaluation, and reflection.


Prepare a Microsoft Word document that includes:

  • Title page
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Certification of Authorship (sample attached)

Format your document in APA style. Each source must be current (published in the last few years). Each source must be peer reviewed (undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference).

This Question is Continuation of last weeks assignment. So, make sure Bibliography & reference were related to it.

For your reference: Last week we submitted the work based on Banking Industry Privacy Policies. We will be working on the same topic for the next 10 weeks 😊

Deadline: 4 Days.

Q3. Our society, economy, and critical infrastructures have become largely dependent on computer networks and information technology solutions. Cyber-attacks become more attractive and potentially more disastrous as our dependence on information technology increases. According to the Symantec cybercrime report published in April 2012, cyber-attacks cost US$114 billion each year. If the time lost by companies trying to recover from cyber-attacks is counted, the total cost of cyber-attacks would reach staggering US $385 billion.

Why cyber-attacks flourish? It is because cyber-attacks are cheaper, convenient and less risky than physical attacks Cyber criminals only require a few expenses beyond a computer and an Internet connection. They are unconstrained by geography and distance. They are difficult to identity and prosecute due to anonymous nature of the Internet. Given that attacks against information technology systems are very attractive, it is expected that the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks will keep growing. Many cybersecurity experts believe that Deception is the key choice of weapon to carry out malicious intends to breach cybersecurity efforts in the cyberspace

Assignment :

Select and research one of the many types of Deceptions and briefly provide a description, deployment (methods) and countermeasures.

  • Denial-of-service attacks
  • Trojan horses
  • Phishing
  • Etc.

Conduct your own research and post a relevant “short” summary of your findings. ( Stick to current data, not older than five years ). Use not more than three (3) references.

Deadline: 1 Day.

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