annotated bibliography 566

Objective: The following sources attached below are peer reviewed journal articles that support or refute the major themes in the book called, “Sparing Nature: The Conflict Between Human Population Growth and Earth’s Biodiversity” by Jeffrey McKee.

Book Link –

Using the sources provided write an annotation. An annotation is a summary and evaluation, and your annotated bibliography will include a summary and evaluation of the sources you will use for your presentation.

To prepare for this assignment, it is highly recommend that you do the following:

  • Read the grading criteria below. The grading criteria provide a detailed evaluation that I will use to assess your performance. It also will help you understand what is expected of you as you prepare your assignment.

For this project, you will assess three sources to include:

1) a complete citation for each source in APA format,

2) a summary of each source, and

3) an evaluation of each source in the context of the book “Sparing Nature: The Conflict Between Human Population Growth and Earth’s Biodiversity” by Jeffrey McKee.

There are three sources for this assignment (i.e., you are to write an annotation for each source).

Use this TEMPLATE to summarize and evaluate each of the three sources that have been provided.

  • Citation:
  • Summary:
  • Evaluation:

Written in APA reference list format.

What is the purpose of the source, review article, original research? What topics are covered? This section is generally 4-6 sentences that summarize the author’s main point. Be sure to paraphrase and summarize. Do *not* paste in direct quotes.

After summarizing the article, it is necessary to evaluate it and specifically relate it to the themes covered in the book, “Sparing Nature: The Conflict Between Human Population Growth and Earth’s Biodiversity” by Jeffrey McKee. Briefly evaluate how the science in these article relates to/supports/contradicts the science in the book. In other words, reflect on the source’s potential utility/importance related to the selected book. Do this in no less than 4-6 sentences.

Additional Resources:

  • Also, please see the resources below at The Owl at Purdue site for more information on how to write an annotated bibliography as well as other pages on the site to assist you with the other parts of the research paper:

Annotated Bibliography Samples

Evaluation: Please review the grading rubric criteria below. The three sources must be evaluated, each based on the following criteria:

APA formatting of source (24 points)

  • Source citations are written in APA reference list format

Summary of source (32 points) – approximately 4-6 sentences

  • Topic sentence included stating the main topic of the source
  • Explains whether source is original research or a review of the topic
  • States main conclusions or findings

Evaluation of source (32 points) – approximately 4-6 sentences

  • Topic sentence stating if source supports or refutes book theme(s)
  • Provides evidence of author’s authority
  • States main points that offer evidence of your evaluation

Writing expectations and scientific terminology (12 points)

  • Summaries and evaluations accurately apply scientific concepts and use scientific terminology correctly
  • Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are used throughout
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