annotated bibliography 562

Write a 2-3 sentence annotation. Your annotation should specify the genre; characters or figures; plot or main ideas; setting; theme; graphics such as illustrations, photos, maps, or timelines; and book form, such as graphic novel, chapter book, picture book, etc.

You did great the first time with the five these are the comments my teacher had for the assignment please use to correct the paper

You did such a great job crafting a really comprehensive list of books. Unfortunately, one point of the rubric relates to you indicating the approved recommendation source you obtained each title from (so the class Pinterest boards, your textbooks, an awards list, one of the teacher video lectures) and you don’t seem to have those listed. ;-( I hated taking that off!

Just a heads up that there are some small modified APA inconsistencies here and there that you’ll want to fix before handing in your final assignment at the end of the semester. It looks like some citations don’t have the name spelled out, or don’t separate out the illustrator to put them after the title (and be sure to put a period after “Illus.” since its an abbreviation). Are Liar & Spy or Jinx on our approved lists? They are both great books and you’ve already annotated them, so feel free to keep them on there, but just double check your titles (they all felt really familiar to me, but you’ll need to fill in the recommendation source for the final assignment anyway, so you can use the opportunity to check everything). I think your annotations are excellent – you’re including genre, format, character names, plot details, and doing a great job mentioning the illustration style whenever appropriate and how if affects the reading of the text. Don’t forget with your nonfiction books to also detail any “extras” that help the reader, like color photos, informational sidebars, timelines, glossaries. etc.

Great job!

In this course we will use a modified version of the APA citation format. For example, in your textbook you will see the titles capitalize the first letter of each word in the title of a book and put the title in italics. If I was talking about the graphic novel, Hereville: How Mirka Caught A Fish (Deutsch, 2015) this would be how the title would look.

However the citation follows different rules with APA and the title would be written: Hereville: How Mirka caught a fish. The first word, the first word after the colon, and proper nouns (Mirka) are the only words capitalized. These are the quirky APA rules.

Now, in this class, we have several conventions we want you to follow because this is a course in children’s literature and we care about the first names of our authors and illustrators and about the number of pages in a book. So here is the same book as an example:

Deutsch, Barry. (2015). Hereville: How Mirka caught a fish. Backgrounds by Adrian Wallace. Colors by Jake Richmond. New York: Amulet Books. 140 p.

Please note we are spelling out first names (APA uses initials) and we are giving attribution to the artists as found on the title page. You will usually see the illustrator named. In that case Illus. by…. will be okay and if author and illustrator are the same you could state Illus. by the author. I have also added the number of pages followed by p. so no one has to wonder why that number is hanging out there. As far as the title, I have followed APA rules.

You need to write your annotation with the book in front of you. In that case I expect the name and place of the publisher will be the American one, except in very rare cases. You can almost always find the location; if it’s not on the title page, look on the back of the title page or the back page where the copyright info is located.

There is a copy of this information in the folder for the Annotated Reading Assignment and I will expect to see it applied consistently on that assignment.

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