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Project 3: Annotated Bibliography


One of the most common research assignments is the annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of secondary sources that includes both a bibliographic citation and a brief description and evaluation of the source. Often, annotated bibliographies are completed in preparation for a longer research project and can be a useful tool for keeping track of sources.

Assignment Instructions

1. Based on the articles you read for Projects 1( Should vaccination be required for all children? Haberman, Clyde. “A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact on Public Health.” ) and project 2(Should vaccination be required for all children? “Individual Rights vs Public Health”), develop 2 research questions. The question(s) should be specific, open-ended, and interesting.

Research Questions Are Due Monday

Objective: Develop two research questions about the topic you’ve been writing about for the first two papers. These questions should be specific, open-ended, and interesting.

Here are examples of research questions from The Craft of Research by Booth, Colomb, and Williams:

I am studying the causes of the disappearance of large North American mammals because I want to find out whether they were hunted to extinction in order to help my reader understand (whether native peoples lived in harmony with nature or helped destroy it).

I am working on Lincoln’s beliefs about predestination and their influence on his reasoning because I want to find out how his belief in destiny influenced his understanding of the causes of the Civil War in order to help my reader understand (how his religious beliefs may have influenced his military decisions).

In these examples, the topic is underlined, what isn’t known is italicized, and the potential benefit is in parentheses. (Note: you do not need to use underlining, italics, or parentheses for your research question–but make sure your question includes all three of these aspects.)

2. Using the resources available to you through the Rochester College library, find 5-6 credible sources that answer your question. At least three of these sources should be from peer reviewed publications (from scholarly books or journals). You should utilize no more than one website. this part is due July 29

3. Write a brief (1/2 page), thorough summary of each source.

4. Write a brief (1/2 page) evaluation of each source. In your evaluation, you should explain how the source helps to answer your research question(s).

Submission Instructions

The annotated bibliography should be in MLA formatting, be double spaced, and use 12 point Times New Roman font. The final draft should be 3-4 pages (1000-1250 words).

Supporting Materials

  • Purdue OWL: Annotated Bibliographies
  • This page has links to the databases through RC’s Ham Library.
  • Here is a sample MLA annotation from OWL Purdue.
  • Reference this template for formatting your annotated bibliography.


The annotated bibliography will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


  • Does the bibliography cite 5-6 credible sources?
  • Do the annotations thoroughly summarize and evaluate the sources?


  • Are paragraphs fully developed?
  • Do paragraphs transition smoothly and logically from one to the next?

Style and Mechanics:

  • Are the annotations written in a clear and concise prose style?
  • Does the essay adhere to the RC Writing Standards and contain few, if any, grammar and punctuation errors?


  • Is the paper, including all citations, in proper MLA formatting?
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