analyze either an animated or experimental film rabbit of seville chuck jones 1950 meshes in the afternoon maya deren 1943

Analyze either an Animated or Experimental Film: Rabbit of Seville, (Chuck Jones, 1950)/ Meshes in the Afternoon, (Maya Deren, 1943). Select one of the two films, then refer to the questions below to begin thinking critically about it.


  • What animation method was used to create the film?
  • Why might this story have been conceived as an animated rather than live-action film? What does animation allow the filmmakers to do or express?
  • Describe the overall look of the characters and sets and the qualities of the voices, music, and sound effects. What kind of mood and tone do they create?
  • Who is the primary audience for this film? Do the filmmakers attempt to appeal to both adults and children, and, if so, how?

Experimental Film

  • What makes this film experimental or avant-garde? What conventions of filmmaking or society does it challenge?
  • Is the film narrative or nonnarrative? If nonnarrative, what seems to be the organizing idea?
  • How does the film experiment with basic visual elements like camera focus, makeup, and props?
  • Is the film ironic, camp, or in particularly bad taste? If so, how?
  • Does the film make you think about women’s lives or the experiences of a subculture in a new and different way? If so, how?

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