an introduction to self leadership discussion question based on the first rocky movie 1976

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1976 Film Rocky

Three scenes from the film Rocky work very well to provide an overview of the entire self-leadership process and why it is important. Rocky tells the story of an unknown amateur boxer who is given an opportunity to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. The first scene begins (at approximately 54 minutes into the movie) with Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) entering Mr. Jergens’s office and presenting his card. Mr. Jergens explains that he is offering Rocky the opportunity to fight Apollo Creed for the championship. The second scene begins (at approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes) with Rocky’s alarm clock ringing at 4:00 a.m. and Rocky dragging himself out of bed to go for a training run. The scene ends with a discouraged and clearly out-of-shape Rocky panting for breath at the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The final scene—one of the iconic scenes in the movie—begins (at approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes) with the familiar theme “Gonna Fly Now” and shows Rocky engaging in various forms of training in preparation for the fight. The scene ends with Rocky, now fit and in excellent condition, sprinting triumphantly to the top of the museum steps.

Discussion Questions

  1. Does Rocky appear capable of reaching his goal of becoming heavyweight champion after the second scene?
  2. Specifically, what does Rocky have to do in order to reach his goal?
  3. How does Rocky motivate himself toward accomplishing his goal?
  4. Who provides the influence or leadership to move Rocky toward achieving his goal?
  5. Does Rocky effectively lead himself?
  6. What specific aspects of self-leadership does Rocky use to motivate himself toward achieving his goal of becoming heavyweight champion?
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