american values assessment

American Values Assessment: Part Four (25%): due Week 8

Position Paper

In this assignment, you will use web-based data and reports to document an example of social injustice and inequality The paper must list a minimum of 5 references in APA formatting at the end of the paper.


Findings presented by The Public Religion Research Institute represent a random sample of Americans who were respondents in the PRRI American Values Survey.

Choose one of the major topics, click on “Read the Analyses,” and report findings presented in the PRRI website. Choose at least two of the major findings reported in the Analyses to include in your Analysis and Discussion.

(1) Write a 4-6 page double spaced paper that presents two major findings about your chosen topic with an explanation of their significance using 8 reliable and reputable sources (You may use some news outlets that present information in an unbiased way such as NPR or a research organization that does independent analysis, but avoid media outlets with an obvious partisan slant such as Fox News on the one hand, or MSNBC on the other;.

Five of your sources should be from the class or from peer reviewed articles outside of class that you have identified using a library search). The details are up to you, but you should demonstrate a good understanding of how to situate the findings in relation to broader themes from literature in the course, or to do the additional research necessary while relying on reputable sources. Write using third person (he, she, it, they) rather than first person (I, me, we). Third person suggests objectivity rather than personal views or opinion.

Optional topic: Health Care

This topic can be chosen as an option to the PRRI topics and material. This will involve using external sources other than those available on the PRRI web-site: Here are two sources one a site for physicians in support of a Medicare for All plan. The other is a Politicfact assessment of possible reasons to oppose the plan.

The same criteria applies to this topic as to the PRII topics that might be chosen:

There are other plans to reform healthcare that differ from the Medicare for All bill in the House and Senate that you can also examine in your research:

“Medicare for America”

“Medicare Buy-In”

“Medicare at 50 Bill”

“Healthy America Proposal”

(2) Organize your paper using the general format of:

I Introduction

II Body/Narrative

III Summary/Conclusion

(3) In the Summary/Conclusion of your paper include a paragraph on the lessons learned from class and external material, in particular, by addressing how your analysis explains at least in some way the relationship between American values and the respondents’ attitudes about social issues.

(4) Use APA in-text citation formatting when referencing assigned material and include a list of sources in APA citation formatting at the end of the paper. Please see APA Style Guide links provided under the Module called “Course Resources”. There you will find links to material on how to format in-text citations and references, how to avoid plagiarism, and other guidelines for ensuring your paper is formatted correctly.

(5) Edit and submit to spell-check.

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