4 discussion 5

I have 4 discussion for my class and I need to write 50 words for each discussion and replay to my classmate in about 30 words.

Check the attatahced file for more information

Discussion # 7

View the Toulmin Argument PowerPoint Presentation. View the PowerPoint in slide show mode. Pause slide one and provide responses to the inference questions and place your responses in Discussion Board Thread 7. Respond to ONE peer’s response by elaborating on his or her response.

Discussion # 9: The Case of Slip or Trip

Complete Toulmin Activity 3: The Case of Slip or Trip, use the sentence frame to compose your answer, and upload your response to Bb Discussion Thread 9. Respond to at least ONE classmate’s post. Respond to the strength(s) or weakness (es) presented in your classmate’s argument/reasoning. You may select the hyperlink or view the activity handout in the Week Three Documents Folder. Toulmin Activity 3: The Case of Slip or Trip

Discussion # 10

Read PA Ch. 5: “The UnFree Speech Movement” by Sol Stern, pp. 168-171. Answer questions 1-6 and place in Bb Discussion Thread 10. Respond to at least TWO classmate’s responses.

Discussion # 11: finding and evaluating sources

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