3 1 final project stepping stone three data storage component

The three assignments listed below I am having trouble with. I attached the final project guide lines as well as each individual’s rubric. I have watched tutorials online, and informed my instructor of issues that keep occurring, and I came to the conclusion I need a tutor. I am not sure how I will communicate with my tutor, or if he or she only completes the assignment. I would like to ask additional questions about certain components of the project. The project calls for an application to be built using Android SDK with a SQLite database integration. There are also several other requirements in later assignments. I have three assignments listed here, and I think I will need to have a line of communication with my tutor as I think he or she will have questions. I look forward working with my tutor. Thank you in advance.

3-1 Final Project Stepping Stone Three: Data Storage Component

4-2 Final Project Stepping Stone Four: Google Maps API Integration

5-2 Final Project Stepping Stone Five: Additional API Integration

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