10 to 15 slides diabetes mellitus 1

Hi this assignment consist of two parts, (please ignore the audio recording part)

First part is the powerpoint on diabetes mellitus please follow the instructions.

Second part is a written transcript on the powerpoint presentation, please look at the transcript example that is attached. The topic is Diabetes mellitus.


Your presentation needs to begin with a definition and description of your topic. Next be sure to address all of the following:

  • Causes.
  • Signs and symptoms.
  • At risk population(s).
  • Prognosis.
  • Diagnostic or surgical procedures.
  • Treatment protocols, including pharmacology treatments.
  • Support systems.
  • Prevention.

In addition, your presentation will need to include three to five HIM terms related to your topic. Please provide a professional yet memorable title slide and a reference slide that lists the references you consulted when developing your presentation. Also, please ensure your title and reference slides conform to APA style and formatting guidelines.

After developing your presentation, delivering it, and audio recording it, submit all of the following to the appropriate area in the courseroom:

  • Your 10 to 15 slides with speaker notes, including title and reference slides in APA format.
  • Your audio recording of your presentation.
  • A transcript of your presentation.
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