1 amp 2 in different papers please follow apa and references and citations

1)“A picture is worth a thousand words” may be a lovely cliché, but the wrong way to view visualization!

For this week’s discussion, please view the Periodic Table of Visualisation at the following link (http://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html).

Choose one Data Visualization and one Compound Visualisation by placing your mouse cursor over each option. Provide your classmates with a brief description of your choices and explain why you made your choices. Also, describe what advantage do your choices have over the others.

2)a)Organizations are struggling to reduce and right-size their information foot-print, using data governance techniques like data cleansing and de-duplication. Why is this effort necessary? Briefly explain.

b)Information Governance, IT Governance, Data Governance: What’s the Difference? Briefly explain.

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